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Unlock your potential with LawFoyer’s National Article Writing Competition featuring captivating themes. Win prestigious awards:

ūü•á 1st Prize: Certificate of Excellence + a generous ‚āĻ2000 Cash Prize
ūü•ą 2nd Prize: Certificate of Excellence + a rewarding ‚āĻ1200 Cash Prize
ūü•Č 3rd Prize: Certificate of Excellence + an exciting ‚āĻ500 Cash Prize

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LawFoyer is organizing National Article Writing Competition on various themes. The competition is intended to provide a platform for law students across the country to participate and showcase their research and writing skills and abilities.

Themes and sub-themes

  • Participants have to choose any one subtheme.

Theme: Emerging legal trends and challenges

  • Subthemes:
    • The impact of artificial intelligence on the law
    • The legal challenges of climate change
    • The rise of cybercrime and cybersecurity law
    • The changing landscape of privacy law
    • The intersection of law and social media
    • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the law

Theme: The impact of technology on the law

  • Subthemes:
    • The use of technology in the courtroom
    • The use of technology to improve access to justice
    • The use of technology to regulate emerging technologies
    • The ethical implications of using technology in the law
    • The impact of technology on legal education and training

Theme: The intersection of law and social justice

  • Subthemes:
    • The role of the law in addressing racial inequality
    • The law and LGBTQ+ rights
    • The law and women‚Äôs rights
    • The law and economic inequality
    • The law and environmental justice

Theme: Access to justice and the rule of law

  • Subthemes:
    • The challenges of providing access to justice for marginalized groups
    • The role of technology in improving access to justice
    • The impact of budget cuts on the courts and the rule of law
    • The importance of judicial independence
    • The challenges of upholding the rule of law in authoritarian regimes

Theme: Legal ethics and professionalism

  • Subthemes:
    • The challenges of maintaining ethical standards in the legal profession
    • The importance of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession
    • The role of lawyers in promoting social justice
    • The ethical implications of new technologies in the legal profession
    • The impact of globalization on legal ethics

NOTE: The above-mentioned list of sub-themes is merely illustrative and not exhaustive and hence any other submission pertinent to the theme may be accorded consideration.


The competition welcomes participation from individuals who are enrolled in academic pursuits at recognized universities, including students, scholars, and academicians across various degree programs.

  • Co-Authorship¬†of up¬†to only¬†two¬†members is allowed.

Registration Fees

  • Rs 99/- Only

Submission Guidelines

  • The¬†Article¬†must¬†be¬†submitted in English only,¬†not exceeding 4000 words (Excluding footnotes).
  • Co-Authorship¬†of up¬†to only¬†two¬†members is allowed.
  • The article must be the original¬†work of the authors. The article¬†published elsewhere or selected/¬†submitted for publication elsewhere/¬†failing in our plagiarism check¬†systems¬†and¬†procedures¬†shall¬†lead¬†to¬†immediate¬†disqualification.
  • The organizers reserve the right¬†to cancel/disqualify any of the¬†entries if found¬†in violation of the¬†guidelines¬†for Submission.
  • In¬†all¬†matters¬†related¬†to¬†the¬†Competition,¬†the¬†decision¬†of¬†the¬†¬†LawFoyer¬†shall¬†be¬†final¬†and¬†conclusive.

Formatting Guidelines

  • The article should be typed in Times¬†New¬†Roman,¬†with a Font¬†Size¬†of 12,¬†and¬†a Line¬†Spacing¬†of 1.5,¬†justified.
  • The footnotes must be typed in Times¬†New¬†Roman,¬†with a Font¬†Size¬†of 10,¬†and¬†a Line¬†Spacing¬†of 1.
  • The¬†margin¬†on¬†each¬†side¬†shall¬†be¬†2.54¬†cm i.e. 1¬†inch
  • All¬†submissions¬†must¬†follow¬†the¬†Bluebook¬†20th¬†edition¬†for¬†citation.

Submission Guidelines:

Upon successful registration, participants will receive a confirmation email containing a unique team code and a link to access the upload form. All articles must be submitted exclusively through this designated upload link. Please be attentive to the requirement that articles should not include any personal information or markings that may reveal the author’s identity.

Furthermore, kindly ensure that the article is attached in either ‚Äė.doc‚Äô or ‚Äė.docx‚Äô format.

Important Dates

  • Opening of Registration: September 21, 2023
  • Last Date of Registration: October 17, 2023
  • Last Date of Submission:¬†October 20, 2023
  • Result Declaration: October 28, 2023


  • 1st Prize:¬†Certificate of Excellence + 2000/- Cash Prize
  • 2nd Prize:¬†Certificate of Excellence + 1200/- Cash Prize
  • 3rd Prize:¬†Certificate of Excellence + 500/- Cash Prize
  • A certificate of participation shall be issued to all the participants on the successful submission of the article.

Top entries may also be published in our LawFoyer International Journal of Doctrinal Legal Research (ISSN Number:- 2583-7753) depending on the quality of the entry.

Contact Information

For inquiries or any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us through the chatbot available on our website or via WhatsApp at +91 8574723478.