Conditional Sale Agreement

Date: ____________________________ Be it known that _____________________________________________ (Buyer) agrees to purchase from: _________________________________________ (Seller) the following described items: (Describe or attach)


Sales price Rs. ______________
Sales tax Rs. ______________
Finance charge Rs. ______________
Insurance Rs.______________
Other charges Rs. ______________
Total purchase price Rs. ______________
Deposit Rs. ______________
Other credits Rs. ______________
Total credits Rs. ______________
Amount financed Rs. ______________
ANNUAL INTEREST RATE ______________%
The amount financed shall be paid in________________ (weekly/monthly) installments of Rs._____________ each, beginning one (week/month) from the above date.
The seller shall retain title to the items sold until full payment of the purchase price, subject to payment credits and release of this security interest as required by law. The undersigned agrees to safely keep the items free from other liens and encumbrances at the below address and to not remove goods without seller’s consent.
Buyer further agrees to execute all financing statements as may be required to perfect this conditional sales agreement, and the Buyer shall keep goods adequately insured, naming Seller loss-payee.
The full balance of the purchase price shall become due upon any default; and the undersigned shall pay all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of collection. Upon default, Seller may reclaim the goods, hold and dispose of same, and collect expenses, together with any deficiency due from Buyer, subject to the Buyer’s right to redeem said items pursuant to law and the Uniform Commercial Code.
Accepted by:
Seller Buyer
Address Address
By By
This Agreement or Financing Statements must be recorded as required by state law to protect your rights.

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