Gender sensitization

Author- Pratima Pal

Gender sensitization refers to the modification of behavior by raising awareness of   gender equality issues. Gender sensitization theories claim that modification of the behavior of teachers and parents towards kids will have an informal result on gender equality. Gender sensitization is regarding dynamical behavior and ingraining sympathy into the views that we tend to hold regarding our own and opposite gender. It helps individuals in examining their personal angle and beliefs and questioning the realities of the person or the society.

The need for this sensitivity has been felt and realized through times immaterial and in the majority varieties of human existence, across the world. Gender sensitization creates awareness regarding ‘Gender equality’ and additional actions ought to be taken to make gender equality a standard norm imperishable by each creature. In addition to it, one must not confine gender equality to a particular gender. Practically speaking, the word empowerment has been reduced to empowerment of women solely by the society.

All genders ought to tend equal rights and respect it can be a man, a woman or a transgender. It’s not a particular gender which require to be scepter however each gender in whole. Society have to be compelled to give equal platform and chance to every of its member to grow equally. The construct of gender equality stresses the difference between biological sex and gender as a job. Typically individuals confuse between sex and gender, the biological and physiological characteristics that outline men and women is referred as sex that is usually permanent and universal. It reflects person’s biological make-up as male or feminine. Whereas, gender could be a socially made role, behaviors, attributes, activities that a given society considers acceptable for men and women. It varies from one society to the other. Gender may be modified since identity is set by the society.

We can normalize gender equality by applying it in our lifestyle. Awareness regarding gender equality ought to be given to kids from young age solely so that the future youth perceives everybody equal. Academics play a very important role in rearing the mind-set of a child. The surroundings of the classrooms ought to be created neutral in terms of gender. Interaction helps to scale back the unfairness therefore students ought to be given liberty to move and interact between themselves irrespective of their gender. The interaction and attraction between the alternative genders ought to be normalized by the society.

Gender Neutral Parenting could be a new age parenting follow that breaks off from the gender binary and exposes kids to a range of gender varieties and permits them to explore. In relaxed variety of parenting folks encourage their kids to play with toys they require irrespective of the social practices which may include that a girl is supposed to play with a doll and a boy is supposed to play with guns. The covering and space color is kept neutral. Such exposure and neutrality from early age will facilitate to grow the mentality of the kid additional neutral and powerful. Such new age parenting vogue may be a tool in eradicating feminine induced abortion (female feticide) that is unfortunately still prevailing in some rural areas. Awareness campaigns ought to be created in such areas and people ought to be schooled about the worth of a baby irrespective of its gender.

Society conjointly plays a very important role in maintaining gender equality. Equality not solely suggests that equality in social terms; the word equality is wider and includes emotional, social and structural equality. Society must not create boundaries for its own members. If a woman has additional guy friends, doesn’t a mean that she is of bad character or parented in a wrong set of beliefs. A boy can tend to dislike cricket and it’s normal. The ‘strong’ tag must not be viewed solely with the attitude of a person because in today’s generation both man and woman are perceived as strong. These little steps may be taken on an individual level to make the longer term of future youth additional sturdy and intellectual.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar view of Equality

He incorporated the values of liberty, equality and fraternity within the Indian Constitution. Ambedkar believed in the control of the law and legislation before any other person. He dreamed of India where everybody is equal before law and given equal human rights. He stressed the role of liberty, equality and fraternity in creating of new India where everyone seems to be equal before a law of land. He conjointly created some special privileges and safeguards for the Dalits as Schedule Castes. He created the construct of reservation for socially backward class (SC, ST, and OBC) within the Indian Constitution within the field of education and job services.

Constitutional Provisions-

The Constitution of India provides certain provisions for the equality of its citizens that apply on every citizen equally. Some of the said provisions are as follows-

Article 14 guarantees that the State shall not deny equality

Article 14  It provides the equality before the law or equal protection of law within the territory of India.

Article 15 It states that no discrimination should be made solely on the grounds of sex, religion, caste and place of birth.

Article 15 (3) It empowers the State to make positive discrimination in favor of women and children.

Article 16 It provides the Equality of Opportunity to every citizen in matters of public employment.

Article 23 It prohibits human trafficking and forced labor.

Article 39 (a) and (d)  enjoins the State to provide equal means of livelihood and equal pay for equal work.

Article 42 enjoins upon the State to make provisions for securing just and humane conditions of work, and maternity relief.

Article 51A (e) It provides that it is the duty of every citizen of India to renounce practices which are derogatory to the dignity of women.

Gender discrimination may be a part of gender sensitization. Achieving gender equality isn’t solely associated to a specific gender however its concern for the entire society. Sometimes, the weaker section of the society is exploited by the stronger section of society which can cause several conflicts, so as to avoid such circumstances equality of each creature is crucial. Moreover, the Indian Constitution provides that every individual is equal before law irrespective of caste or gender thus not a single person ought to take into account himself superior to the other person and also the laws of the land is permanent on every individual severally. The education sector might actually play an important role in eliminating gender difference that continues to be prevailing in our society. Gender equality edges each gender equally. It’s vital to understand that the inclusion of the idea of gender equality in information and creating of laws to eradicate gender difference which may have a vital impact on the necessity to attain constitutional goal of building an egalitarian society.

Ultimately, it is the modification within the social mentality and involvement of all sections of society is needed to attain the ends. Society may be a dynamic organization of individuals that continues to change over time likewise, the modification of gender equality could take time to occur in the society because it isn’t a 1 day method . However, the promotion of gender equality doesn’t imply giving additional power to women and putting off power from men. The balance between each gender is required.

The advancement of equality allows both man and woman to fully take part in social and economic matters which results in equal chances of winning the situation for both. Gender-specific measures ought to be promoted towards the redressed of existing imbalance between men and women. Empowerment of each genders ought to be unbroken in mind in eliminating gender difference. Girls ought to be provided civil rights in terms of social factors; they have to be inspired to come forward in making a positive modification. Additionally to it, the difficulties and struggle of every individual ought to be valued equally irrespective of the gender.

Let’s be the modifier for a social cause, together we can make it possible!

“You are a change maker and nothing should clean this notice off the boards of your heart!”
Israelmore Ayivor

Pratima Pal is currently studying at Amity Law School.

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