Marketing Agreement



This letter will confirm that is hereby appointed as non-exclusive sales representative for ______ for the period of time specified in this agreement. PEMEX and its subsidiaries are specifically excluded.

______ agrees to pay a 10% commission on any sales which are consummated in writing while this agreement is in effect. Said commission is based on the net selling price of equipment (after cost of equipment), licensing fees, royalties or direct sale of technologies. Products will include the ______ upgrader, sand tank cleaner, and separator. This agreement will be in effect for 180 days from . The agreement will be self-renewing every 30 days as long as has demonstrated that regular progress is being made towards the finalization of a contract which shall be determined solely in ______’s discretion. Should fail to communicate and demonstrate regular progress at any time, then ______ may give 30 days notice and terminate the agreement in its sole discretion. ______ reserves the right to limit countries that can sell to, but will honour any existing sales contracts which are consummated in writing in the countries that are excluded.

______ will provide marketing support such as literature, technical data, and visits to ______ facilities in order to facilitate sales. Upon request, will be required to have confidentiality agreements signed by customers should they require in-depth technical review of the ______ .

Thank your for your attention.

For ______ Inc.:


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