Warning Notice for Attendance Issues

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Subject: Warning Notice for Attendance Issues

This letter of warning is being issued because of your excessive #absenteeism or late punch-ins or early punch-outs# and your failure to follow our our attendance policies. Additionally, our attendance rules require an employee to #contact or phone or email or SMS# her or his supervisor in advance if she or he will be absent or unexpectedly late for work, on repeated occassions you have not been able to meet these rules either.
All this has occurred in spite of our discussions regarding the company attendance policies with you more than once in the past, including when you joined our organization.
Hence, you are hereby warned to ensure complete adherence to our HR policies, especially the Attendance policies and requirements in this regard. Failure to do so shall invoke appropriate action. Please consider this as a strict and official warning regarding the same.
You are further advised to submit a written apology and acknowledgement as soon as you receive this letter.

On behalf of #*companyname*#

#Signing Authority Name#
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