Free Online Webinar on Gender Equality and Constitution addressing legal perspective by LawFoyer: Register by March 16

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LawFoyer presents an exclusive free online webinar – “Gender Equality and Constitution addressing legal perspective” led by Constitutional Law expert Prof. (DR.) J.P. Yadav, Director, Amity Law School Lucknow campus.

Important Details

  • Date: Sunday, 17 March 2024, 7 pm onwards.
  • Platform: Google Meet/Zoom Meetings
  • Completely Free Registration

Perks for Participants:

  • E-Certificate of Participation
  • Free access to Certification Masterclass on Mediation Law of India (For More info click here)
  • Get 10 % discount on our upcoming National Quiz competition.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Priority access to future LawFoyer Events.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Constitutional Framework: Examining how the constitution of a country addresses issues of gender equality, including provisions related to non-discrimination, equal protection, and fundamental rights.
  • Legal Protections: Discussing the legal protections available to promote gender equality, such as anti-discrimination laws, gender-based violence legislation, and laws ensuring equal access to education and employment.
  • Judicial Interpretations: Analyzing how courts interpret constitutional provisions and apply them in cases related to gender equality, including landmark decisions that have shaped legal precedent in this area.
  • Enforcement Mechanisms: Exploring the mechanisms in place to enforce gender equality laws and hold perpetrators of gender-based discrimination and violence accountable, including the role of law enforcement agencies, courts, and human rights commissions.
  • Challenges and Gaps: Identifying challenges and gaps in the legal framework for gender equality, such as inadequate legal protections, barriers to access to justice, and cultural biases that may impede progress towards gender equality.
  • International Perspectives: Comparing the legal frameworks for gender equality across different countries and regions to highlight best practices, areas for improvement, and opportunities for cross-border collaboration.
  • Policy Implications: Discussing the policy implications of legal decisions and legislative reforms related to gender equality, including strategies for advancing gender-responsive governance and ensuring the effective implementation of gender equality laws.
  • Empowerment and Advocacy: Exploring avenues for empowering women and marginalized gender groups through legal advocacy, community mobilization, and grassroots activism aimed at promoting gender equality and challenging discriminatory laws and practices.

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