Earn Rewards By Joining Assignment Adda Team


*Note:- Assignment Adda rewards are not applicable for copy-paste hand-written/hand-drawn work.*

3 Assignments*

E-Gift Cards (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra) & Other Rewards.

5 Assignments*

Mobile Recharge, Movie Tickets, Personalized LawFoyer Kits and much more.

10 Assignments*

LawFoyer Personalised Kit worth Rs 2000, Wireless Earphones and much more.

15 Assignments*

Wireless keyboard + Wireless Mouse, LawFoyer Personalised kit worth Rs 3000 and much more.

20 Assignments*

Annual Membership of Disney Hotstar plus Amazon Prime and much more.

25 Assignments*

Sneakers & Fashion Kit worth Rs 5000 and much more.