Sahayak is the AI-powered virtual law tutor that helps students master concepts. Ask questions about civil law, criminal law, and more to get quick explanations in seconds. With natural language processing, this legal tech Q&A bot can resolve academic queries instantaneously. Use Sahayak as your law study helper and legal research assistant for exam prep, assignments, and comprehending complex case laws. LawFoyer created this tool to make understanding law easy for students through AI.

Steps to Use Sahayak Efficiently:

  • Enter the Name of Law Subject properly. Ex: Indian Penal Code, 1860 etc.
  • Enter the Country. Ex: India etc.
  • Enter the Query and Doubt in Question format. Ex: What is Section 124A of the IPC, 1860 and what are the landmark case laws associated with it?
  • Check “I am not a Robot” box
  • Hit the “Send” button and in few seconds you will get your answer.