I ________________________________[The under singed agent].
On behalf of _________________________[legal person].
Name of then signatory ___________________________[signatory duly authorised].
Title: ______________________________________[Title or capacity of the signatory].
Date:_________________________[Signatory date].
Place: _______________________[Place where agreement is singed].

The written made between the
__________________________________________[parties]was entered into by the written named or agent on behalf of the principal who is entitled to the entire benefit thereof subject to the obligation binding on the agent there under and who is liable to indemnify the agent against all actionable claims.
Principal to execute and do all the acts deeds and things necessary or proper for the purpose of enforcing or producing the due performance of the within written agreement by the other party.
So, as to enable the said principal to obtain the full benefit of the written agreement.

Signature:________________________[ Signature of the principal or the agent].

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