Arbitral award by single arbitrator

In the Matter of an Arbitration between [parties]?THIS IS THE AWARD of me _____________________________________________________________[insert the name, address etc. of arbitrator] made the _______ day
Of ________.
By an agreement dated the _______ day of ________ and made between [parties] after reciting that the parties thereto were the owners of adjoining estates situate at _______ and that differences had arisen between them touching their respective rights in reference to certain hedges fences and alleged rights of way [or whatever else may be the dispute] it was agreed that all matters in difference between the parties thereto should be referred to me the said [arbitrator] so that I should make my award on or before the ________ day of ________ or on or before any other day not later than three months thereafter to which I might enlarge the time for making my award and that the costs of and attending the reference and of my award should be in my discretion.
By two several endorsement so on the said agreement I have enlarged the time for making my award until the _________ day of _____.
NOW BE IT KNOWN that I the said [arbitrator] make and publish this my award of and concerning the matters so referred to me as follows:
I award and determine [here set out in consecutive paragraphs the arbitrator’s decision upon all the points referred to him].
I award and direct that the costs of this my awards hall be paid by the said ________ [or shall be paid by the said parties in equal shares] and that the said _______ shall bear and pay his own costs and the costs as between solicitor and client of the said ______ of an incidental to the arbitration [or that each party shall bear his own costs of and incidental to the arbitration] [if the arbitrator likes to fix the amount of the costs he may add: and I determine the costs of the said _______ to amount to the sum of Rs.________]. 
[Signature of the sole member of the Arbitral Tribunal]

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