Arbitral award on former award being remitted to Arbitral Tribunal of sole arbitrator for reconsideration

[TO ALL to whom these present shall come greeting:]
WHEREAS by an order of the High Court made the __________ day of _________ it was ordered that my award dated the ___________ day of _________ should be referred back to me to reconsider and amend the same.
NOW I ________________________ [insert the name of arbitrator] having reconsidered my said award [or, where further evidence has been adduced having taken upon myself the burden of this further reference and having heard and duly considered the allegations and evidence further made and adduced by the said parties] hereby award and direct that the following amendments be made in the said award dated the _______________ day of ________________ that is to say [state the amendments to be made].
AND in all other respects I confirm my said award made in the matter of this reference and dated the _________ of ____________.
[Signature of arbitrator]

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