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1. Parties and Timeline
This service level agreement is between the service provider:

And the client:

It is valid from to .
• This service level agreement is effective as of the date of the signatures below. The client and the service provider shall review at least quarterly to determine if any modifications or amendments are needed to reflect the client’s support requirements and service provider’s services.
• The purpose of this service level agreement is to document the service delivery of the service provider to the client. The service provider shall deliver the services set forth in this document.
The primary contact of the service provider for issues concerning this SLA is:

2. Service Components

The following table describes the components to which the services in the Service Catalogue may apply. Components include applications, networking components, data stores, etc… Reliability indicates the percentage of uptime that the service provider promises.
Component Name Reliability



3. Service Catalogue

The services in the Service Catalogue are described in the following format.
Description Describes the service, major benefits and the target audience for this service
Delivery Scope Identifies those eligible to receive the service. If it applies to the entire client, it will be “All”.
Component Scope Identify which components the service applies to.
Standard Service Features Describes features and functions of the service available to all those within the Delivery Scope.
Non-Standard Options Identifies any options that are serviceable but non-standard.
Service Hours Identifies timeframes and operating hours for which clients can use the service.
Service Initiation Identifies how the service can be obtained.
Service Support Identifies how the client can receive help if problems should occur.
Service Resolution Defines when the service provider will consider the service request to be resolved. Many services can be resolved in multiple ways.
Costs Identifies any one-time or on-going costs, who will incur them and how they will be settled.
Wait Time The time the client should expect to wait from the initiation of the service to resolution.
Notes Any additional information relevant to the service.
The service provider will provide the following services to the client.
3.1. Service Desk Support
Description Client support provided to contact the service provider and gain access to all services. It acts as a single point of contact between the service provider and clients. Service requests are tracked, monitored and managed to ensure consistent and reliable service.
Delivery Scope All clients
Component Scope All components
Standard Service Features • Client assistance Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 5:00
• Emergency after-hours support is available outside of normal business hours
Service Hours • Available Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 5:00, excepting government holidays
Service Initiation • Local Yellowknife Phone: 1-867-
• Toll Free: 1-
• Email: @
• Fax: 1-
Service Support Updates on service desk tickets can be obtained by contacting the service desk through the channels listed above.
Service Resolution Services requests through the Service Desk are considered resolved when the ticket issued is closed.
Wait Time Wait time depends on the service requested.

Delivery Scope
Component Scope
Standard Service Features
Non-Standard Options
Service Hours
Service Initiation
Service Support
Service Resolution
Wait Time
4. Changes & Review
Changes to this document may be proposed by business or IT representatives; however, no amendments will be made without approval from both parties. This document will be regularly reviewed for currency and effectiveness. The next review date is noted in the document control section of the SLA.

5. Signatures
For the service provider:

Name: _________________________________

Signature: ______________________________

Title: __________________________________

Date: __________________________________ For the client:

Name: _________________________________

Signature: ______________________________

Title: __________________________________

Date: __________________________________

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