Section 498a Ipc- A Shield Converted In Weapon

Author-Saumya Dwivedi


Section 498A, otherwise called the Dowry law was given to the women to guarantee that their privileges are ensured by the law yet was exceptionally abused as a weapon instead of a shield for security.

These days, it is an exceptionally featured issue in the country. It was presented in the Indian Penal Code in the year 1983 as then women were profoundly suppressed by the male individual from the general public as India has consistently been a patriarchal predominant country yet now with the expanding mindfulness and nature of schooling women have gotten cunning enough to realize how to abuse their privileges and in this manner Section, 498A turned into the most and effectively abused Section of the Indian Penal Code by the women.

Marriage is a vital coalition since the hour of the Vedic period. ‘Vivah’  the Sanskrit word which is a real sense implies the “penance acted as per social traditions”. It is between the body and the spirit of two individuals who became a couple. India being a male overwhelmed country consistently stifled women. The Section 498A of IPC was sanctioned in the year 1983, the principal purpose for acquainting this part is to shield the wedded women from their significant other or relative of the spouse who annoyed and tormented her and exposed her to cruelty, yet now it turned into an instrument for women to abuse it and render retribution from their better half or their family members to sue them in a false case.

There are numerous purposes for a lady’s dissatisfaction like contrariness with the spouse, independence in a joint family, monetary issues in the family or any propensity for husband which can’t go on without serious consequences by her and so on however why just share turned into an issue for each revulsive circumstance? There were numerous situations where there has been no issue in regards to sharing cases however women were unequivocally convinced to take make a difference to the police which they never needed to yet did as such, and once the matter arrives at the police the entire situation turns terrible. The spouse’s family turns into the fundamental culprit according to the entire society and is joined to the perpetual social disgrace that transforms into the embarrassment and scorn by the general public and with that whole family endures.

Historical  Background

The debasement of Indian Women started in the nineteenth century. Family in India has consistently been of the most extreme significance. Since the Vedic period, the social establishments of marriage has consistently been one-sided against women. Marriage is considered to be a custom or a social coalition between two families for example guardians and family members of male and that female rather than two people that is the lady of the hour and the lucky man the joy and prosperity of the spouse and his family was the obligation of the lady and she was required to deal with the satisfaction, assumptions or substance of the parents in law rather than her own. Child marriage was the start of women abuse.

The girl who was youthful to the point that she was unable to comprehend what life and marriage implied was presently subjudicated by her parents in law. The girl was currently educated on the do’s and don’ts where both do’s and don’ts were not in support of herself. She was relied upon to talk less and in ease of volume follow the parda framework exposed the sufferings and unforgiving expressions of mother by marriage and sister-in-law and do all the family works without whining and crying over her distresses. Women likewise needed mental and independence from the rat race. Women were allocated by the smriti Kars particular monetary right called streedhan which likewise had separate progression rules.

This different women’ property was a first to notice in Gautama Dharma Sutra yet with breathing easy the meaning of streedhan changed and every one of the rights and powers were shipped off the spouse even young women assent were viewed as insignificant and there was nothing left but to acknowledge the torments. At first Hindu Marriage was viewed as a ceremony which was its actual customary idea however today it is viewed as of double nature that is both agreement and holy observance to achieve the progressions in the situation with the women. Chapter XX-A of the Indian Penal Code 1860 is one such endeavour to inspire the situation with women in Indian culture.

Chapter XX-A of IPC 1860 alludes to “cruelty by spouse or relative of husband and incorporates Section 498A which expresses that whoever being the husband or relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such women to cruelty will be rebuffed with the detainment for a term which may reach out to 3 years and furthermore be responsible to fine. Cruelty implies

a) Any wilful lead which is of such nature which is probably going to determine the women to commit suicide or to make injury or threat life, limb or health (whether mental or physical of the women), or

b) Harassment of the women where such harassment is with a view to forcing her or any individual identified with her satisfy any unlawful demand for any individual identified with her to fulfil such need”.

Story Now

With the development of training, independency, change, monetary soundness, and mindfulness among women they have figured out how to abuse Section 498A as a weapon instead of a shield and in light of that numerous blameless spouse and his family members have become the victim. These days there are numerous share cases that are not bonafide.

These days, as the equivalent has been acknowledged by the High courts and Supreme court of India, the vast majority of the instances of Section 498A are false cases and has been documented by the spouses or their direct relations to coerce the husband and his family when bothered with the focused on marriage and that is the reason it is for the most part seen that to settle the instance of Section 498A outside the court huge amount of cash has been requested by the female parties.

Out of the abundant of reasons which drives a women to abuse her force given by law some normal reasons might be a despondent marriage, absence of fulfilment with the accomplice, monetary status of spouse, extra conjugal issue, not getting her high requests satisfied.

Because of the abuse and maltreatment of law, Supreme Court calls Section 498A as lawful illegal intimidation”. It is for the most part mishandled by the informed women of the general public. Spouse and two of his family members are indicted in the greater part of the cases.

In Arnesh kumar v. State of Bihar it was expressed that women to get their husbands captured register false cases each year in the event that they are not happy with them even the out of commission grandparents and their family members living abroad were arrested. These malafide cases increment the pendency of the cases in the court.

As far as we know the  concerned doesn’t need any confirmation any examination before capture in the event of grievance by women regardless of whether there is little question women can utilize the Section to look for vengeance. Police visits the workplace premises of men and get the family members also because of which the standing get hurt.

It has been seen by Hon’ble Apex Court in Kansraj v. State of Punjab “For the flaw of the spouse the parents in law or different family members can’t in all cases be held to be included. The demonstrations credited to such people must be demonstrated past sensible uncertainty and they can’t be considered mindful by simple guesses and suggestions. The inclination to rope in relations of the spouse, as accused must be controlled.”

Recent judgments of courts:

In ongoing decisions, Indian courts have considered the to be of 498A as when an FIR is held up all the relatives are arraigned. Courts have shown their torment in the legal observations and comments. Some new legal perceptions have been given underneath.

In the case of Jasbir Kaur v. State of Haryana , Punjab and Haryana High court see that “It is realized that a disliked spouse will go to any degree to rope in however many family members of the husband as could be expected under the circumstances in a frantic exertion to annihilate whatever survives from a disliked marriage”.

In the case of State v. Srikanth , Karnataka High Court sees that ” Roping in of the entire of the family remembering siblings and sisters-for law must be controlled except if there is explicit material against these people, it is down directly with respect to the police to incorporate the entire of the family as charged”.

In the case of Mohd. Hoshan v. State of A.P , ‘Regardless of whether one mate has been blame of savagery to the next is basically an issue of reality. The effect of objections, allegation or insults on an individual adding up to savagery relies upon different variables like the affectability of the casualty concerned, the social foundation, the climate, schooling and so on Further, mental mercilessness differs from one individual to another contingent upon the power of the affectability, level of fortitude and perseverance to withstand such brutality. Each case must be settled on its own realities whether mental savagery is made out’.

Female activist  and documentary producer Deepika Bhardwaj is the one who battles for men’s rights which is exceptionally uncommon as India is a male predominant country. The Law which is made for honourable intension for saving daily routines has taken numerous lives. It is the most mishandled law throughout the entire existence of Indian statute. One adjudicator of Supreme Court is scrutinized that Section 498A abuses as “lawful psychological warfare” at that point he portrays it was “proposed to be utilized as a shield and not as a professional killer’s weapon”, and the National Commission for women likewise shows the interest that the arrangement which is made for the security of women is exceptionally abused.


Section 498A, was embedded in the Indian Penal Code for the upliftment of the women in the Indian male prevailing society, to protect them from the persecution of the male party and his family members yet with the progressing time, women began utilizing it as a weapon. In the current time, where women are battling for equity, they have gotten sharp enough to know what and how their privileges given by law ought to be abused. Section 498A is exceptionally abused by the women for her narrow minded reasons, she knows the throbbing nerves of the spouses and his family members and accordingly exploit.

By these Malafide cases, she extorts the spouse to let down his standing in the general public, in the event that he won’t satisfy her necessities and requests. It is the attitude of the general public that the women are consistently the suppressed segment and man is the person who is the mistreating her and women exploit this outlook. Subsequently making issue for the guys of the general public with regards to share cases. It isn’t that all cases recorded under area 498A are bogus cases however the majority of them are these days documented as vengeance as opposed to the one for insurance. Consequently finishing up my point it should be the obligation of the police to appropriately examine and question the matter prior to making any move against the other party.

Author-Saumya Dwivedi is currently pursuing BBA LLB (H) from Amity University, Lucknow. I am writing this email to you to explore if there are any internship opportunities available from your side for which I may be considered.

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