In the Matter of an Arbitration between [parties]?THIS IS THE AWARD of us ____________________________________________________________ [insert the names, addresses etc. of two arbitrators] made the _______day of __________.
By an agreement dated the ______ day of ________ and made between [three parties thereto] after reciting certain differences between the parties thereto in connection with the partnership lately existing between them it was agreed that all matters in difference between the parties thereto in anyway relating to the said partnership should be referred to us the said [awarding arbitrators] and [dissenting arbitrator] or any two of us provided the award of the three or of any two of us should be made within such original or extended time as therein is mentioned.
In pursuance of the power contained in the said submission the three arbitrators duly enlarged the time for making their award until the _______ day of ________ next.
It was agreed between the parties to the said submission that the only matters in difference between them upon which we were required to award were the following namely [set out the specific matters upon which the arbitrators were called on to adjudicate]. 
We the said [two arbitrators] have agreed upon the award hereinafter contained but the said [dissenting arbitrator] has expressed his disagreement with and inability to concur in such award and has refused to execute the same. 
NOW BE IT KNOWN that we the said [two arbitrators] do make our award of and concerning the said matters as follows:
We award determine and direct [award specifically upon the several matters agreed to be in dispute]. 
We award and direct the costs of all the parties to the submission of and incidental to the arbitration together with the costs of the arbitrators and of this award shall be borne and paid out of the partnership money of the parties to the said submission if and so far as they are sufficient and immediately available for that purpose but if and so far as the said money immediately available for the payment of such costs are insufficient for the purpose the said costs shall be borne and paid by the parties to the said submission in equal shares [or such other direction as the arbitrators think fit]. 
[Signatures of the two arbitrators of Arbitral Tribunal]

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