In the Matter of an Arbitration between [parties] Interim Award of Arbitrator
THIS THE [FIRST] INTERIM AWARD of the _____________________________________ [insert the name, address etc. of arbitrator] states, finds and awards as follows:
[Recite circumstances leading up to the arbitration and the appointment of the arbitrator.]
Having regard to the fact that [set out circumstances rendering an interim award desirable e.g. the matters submitted to arbitration as aforesaid comprise several distinct items, namely…, and that I have heard all the evidence, contentions and arguments of the parties in regard to the first of the said items and that a considerable time must elapse before the hearing of the other items can be completed [and at the request [or with the consent] of the claimant and respondent respectively] I deem it fit pursuant to section 17 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 2015 to make this interim award in respect of the first item before making a final award in respect of all the matters submitted to me].
NOW BE IT KNOWN that I the said [arbitrator] make my award as to such item as follows:
[Set out award]
As Witness etc.
 [Signature of the sole member of the Arbitral Tribunal]

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