“Juris Femme: Reframe the Reality,” hosted by the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Reform Council (UPJRC), an organization under the NJRC, WICCI on  21st April 2024, (Online)


The Uttar Pradesh Judicial Reforms Council is a non-profit organization working under the aegis
of the National Judicial Reforms Council, WICCI. Established in March 2023, our council is
committed to identifying and addressing gaps in the judicial system, with a focus on expediting
the delivery of justice. We are a women-led organization working with the objective to bring
judicial reforms to the existing Indian Judicial System. The idea behind setting up of the council was
the upliftment of the deprived sections of the society with the help of legal reforms. We aim to monitor
the implementation of laws, advocate for economic equality among all, promotion of fair and just
practices and realization of potential of all.


The UPJRC has conducted various webinars, panel discussions and awareness drives since its
inception. We work tirelessly to advocate for the needs of the citizens, empower them and create
a more equitable world for them. One of our major roles is to ensure that the justice system is
accessible to everyone, regardless of income or social status. We conduct events, webinars, and
panel discussions to guide those who are facing domestic violence, sexual harassment,
discrimination and violation of their rights; and create awareness among them. In addition to
these activities, we also promote education and leadership among the citizens of the country. We
provide opportunities to develop their skills, gain knowledge, and network with others. We also
encourage them to take on leadership roles in the organization and improve their skills. In the
past year, we hosted a successful webinar focusing on LLM for law students and the
opportunities relating to it. We are also engaged in posting newsletters and inviting open
discussions on various contemporary legal issues of importance and thereby strive to constantly
implement and achieve the objectives for which the Council was formed.


The UPJRC is organizing a Legislation Amendment Competition titled – ‘Juris Femme: Reframe
the Reality’ on the theme of women-related laws. It will be conducted on 21 st April 2024, Sunday
in online mode. We are thrilled to extend an invitation to law students, law graduates and legal
professionals from across the country to participate in the competition. This event is designed to
harness legal acumen and innovative thinking towards the advancement of women-related laws.
As we strive for gender equality and empowerment, your participation in this competition can
pave the way for a more just and equitable society.


● TITLE – Juris Femme: Reframe the Reality
● DATE – 21st April 2024, Sunday
● TIME – 12:00 p.m. onwards
● THEME – Women-related laws
● MODE – online


  • The participants will be called upon to present their ideas for amendment in legislations.
  • The amendments shall be pertaining to laws relating to women.
  • Only individual participation is allowed.
  • Each participant will be given 5 minutes to present their ideas and answer the questions
  • put forth by the judges.
  • Participants may present their ideas through a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The participants will be marked on two factors:
    1. Knowledge of Law
    2. Creativity and Innovation in the idea presented.


  • The participants need to adhere to the time allotted.
  • The participants will be required to be formally dressed.
  • The participants will have to have their cameras switched on throughout the event.
  • The participants must ensure proper network bandwidth on their end.
  • The decision of the judges shall be binding.
  • The proposed amendments shall not be offensive or derogatory to any community, caste or section of the society.


  • Certificates to all participants.
  • Letter of Appreciation to the Winner


Follow this link to register yourself as a participant: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScGWFNqAwIZvJ_FgQbpv3cu6x2SvMN5EocDIs-


For queries and further information, reach out to the following

  1. Kashish Khanna – +91 97529 74899
  2. Diya Vinekar – +91 99000 92248

We are also available at upjrcwicci@gmail.com

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